Improvement the sexual functions among menopause women

Journal of Nursing & Patient Care.ISSN: 2573-4571

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Improvement the sexual functions among menopause women after delivery of Mentari health education in the South Sumatra, Indonesia

Lisda Maria and Setyowati

University of Indonesia, Indonesia

: J Nurs Patient Care


The number of Indonesian divorce cases in 2014 reached 382,231, up about 131,023 cases compared to 2010 as many as 251,208 cases. One of the causes of couples are due to women who have entered the menopause phase that influence the decreasing sexual activity among 52% of elderly couple and lack of knowledge. This research is generally aimed to find out the effect of health education "Mentari" to sexual function in menopausal women. This research design is a quasi-experimental prepost test with control group design. The sample counted 64 people, 32 people in each group. Data collection were using Female Sexual Functioning Index (FSFI) questionnaire. The results showed there was a significant increase in sexual function in the domain of desire, stimulation, the lubrication, orgasm, the satisfaction and pain during intercourse. The results concluded that there was a significant increase of sexual function in all domains after being given Mentari health education with (ρ <0,05). This study recommended for nurses to use the health education ‘Mentari’ in doing intervention to the elderly women.


Lisda Maria is now a student at the University Indonesia maternity specialization nursing program, born in Palembang, January 15, 1982. She is a graduate of the Nursing and professional undergraduate program at Bina Husada Palembang. He is also a lecturer who works at STIKES Pembina Palembang. Previous work experience lecturer at Pekanbaru Dharma Husada STIKES 2010-2014.


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