Item development of latent variable of maternal blues s

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Item development of latent variable of maternal blues scale: Qualitative study

Suryani Manurung and Setyowati

University of Indonesia, Indonesia

: J Nurs Patient Care


Mental health problems during pregnancy and postpartum have negative impact on the fetus and mother. The current trend is that the depression mothers have abandoned children's behavior before birth or after childbirth. There is a need to develop a scale predicting blues from pregnancy to postpartum through the bonding behavior of the fetus, so that nurses can provide appropriate interventions in preventing postpartum blues. The current, maternal blues scale better describes of the general behavior that refers to changes in emotions and mood. The study was conducted by qualitative phenomenology study with in-depth interviews on eight postpartum mothers and focus group discussion in 10 mothers who have children and have been treated at home. The data was collected at RSUD Depok and Community Health centers Syarif Hidayatullah Ciputat. Data were analyzed with thematic content analysis. The research finds four themes consisting of many categories. The four themes are the role and tasks of the mother, the culture that affects the mother and fetus, the family economy and the social support is needed by the mother. The themes are outlined in the categories are used to develop latent variables and items in maternal blues instruments. Based on the expert test of psychological science and nursing maternity, instrument was developed to explore blues consisting of 55 items on antepartum and 65 items in postpartum and then they were analyzed by Explanatory Factor Analysis (EFA), Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and diagnostic test in subsequent research.


Suryani Manurung is a doctoral student at the Universitas Indonesia. Maternity nursing lecturer who works in politehnik kesehatan Jakarta I since 1995. Experience working as a nurse in the midwifery room in 1991-2000. Experience working as a lecturer from 2001 to 2016. Experience writing scientific papers and published in several journals


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