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Management of laryngotracheal stenosis with or without stents

Produl Hazarika and Seema Elina Punnoose

NMC Specialty Hospital, UAE

: J Otol Rhinol


The numbers of laryngotracheal stenosis cases are increasing due to increased number of road traffic accidents, prolonged intubation and other types of neck injuries and tumors. In the management of such type of pathology we do not have any single universally accepted technique. The key to the success of laryngotracheal surgery is to obtain a rigid circular support with normal mucosal lining which at times may be hard to achieve always. Laser surgery appears to be a popular and safe technique in the management of such cases. The laryngotracheal stent is an equally good option but the formation of granulation tissue post stent extubation poses a problem and thus requires multiple surgical procedures. Our paper deals with 51 cases of laryngotracheal stenosis at different levels and different surgical management modalities. Laser surgical case presentation will be presented with videoclippings.



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