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Management of postoperative pain in total knee arthroplasty patients: A clinical overview

Kunal Makhija

Fortis Hospital, India

: Clin Res Orthop


Total knee arthroplasty has become a household surgery in recent times with innovations happening every day. Failure to achieve pain relief in immediate post operative period causes sleep disturbances, rehabilitation delay, mental stress, delayed discharge and long term post surgical discontent 1. In era of day care surgeries and robotics, post operative comfort of patient needs to be utmost important. A combination of pain relieving measures needs to be taken rather than single approach. The goal of this article is to understand the fundamental concepts of surgical pain, understand the molecular mechanism of agents and to use this knowledge to provide best possible pain relief measures. The neurogenic and nociceptive pain relieving agents were used in pre defined combination and dosage in 200 patients and pain, stay and rehabilitation was observed. A combined preventive analgesia approach starting two days before surgery and lasting upto 24 hours after surgery is effective method to control post operative pain.


Kunal Makhija has completed his Masters from Asia largest hospital B J medical hospital and acquired sub specialty in Subvastus Knee replacement from Telford, UK and Bombay Hospital, India. He has International as well as National publications and presentations. He is the Director of Joint clinic, Navi Mumbai, India.

E-mail: [email protected]

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