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Osteopathic manipulative treatment for chronic musculoskeletal disorders

Tameem Mohamed

Osteopathic Consultant at Myo Osteopathy, Egypt

: Clin Res Orthop


Osteopathy is an integrated manual approach for patient center management that incorporates the osteopathic skills in diagnosis and treatment to address musculoskeletal system unity. The osteopath builds his principles on body unity and role of circulation to enhance the homeostatic mechanisms and decrease the allostatic loads. That will efficient the interdependence between the anatomy and physiology. The chronic musculoskeletal pain management has been one of the osteopathic attractive attentiveness, the way osteopathic thinking has developed to understand these conditions and considering the evaluation of how pain affects the patient, expands the management’s techniques and implement the treatment. The five models of the osteopathic medicine include all aspects that influence the patient’s systems in different levels. That allowing the osteopath to integrates several aspects of care in state of science and art practice. The osteopath using his hands as the diagnostic and treatment tools with medical, philosophical and psychological backgrounds. The aim of the treatment is different regard the case severity and body ability to respond. Management works on relieving the hindrance and allowing the neuromuscular system to actively back to homeostatic state of balance, achieving that with lymphatic, vascular, fascial and biopsychosocial conjunctions. Using the breathing quality, diaphragmatic mobility and synchronization between sympathetic and parasympathetic systems as a door for decrease the allostatic loads and remove specific patient’s certain impediments. Musculoskeletal chronic disorders need a comprehensive intervention often requires a diverse interdisciplinary approach for its effective management. Osteopathy is using strategy to improve the patient quality of life, sleeping and psychological states. With decreasing the stress, drugs intake, comorbidities and pain levels.


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