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Relation between osteoarthritis grading scales with cartilage ultrasonographic in knee osteoarthritis patient at RSU Al Fauzan period of 2016-2017

Basuki Supartono, Riza Amalia, Ika Satya and Sugeng Wiyono

University of Pembangunan National Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia

: Clin Res Orthop


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease which is related with the damage of cartilage. X-Ray is one of the osteoarthritis radiological examinations but only can see the damage of bone not cartilage. One of an effective examination to visualize the damage of cartilage is Ultrasound. The objective of this study is to determine the relation between osteoarthritis grading scale using Kellgren and Lawrence with cartilage Ultrasonographic in knee osteoarthritis patients This was a study on 32 knee osteoarthritis patients who met the following criteria, diagnosed with knee OA, having an x-ray examination of the knee, having an ultrasound examination of the knee and a minimum age of 25 years old at RSU Al Fauzan from 2016 to 2017. This study used a scorring table made by an orthopedic surgeon to detect or assess cartilage through ultrasound by looking at irregularity in the surface of the cartilage, the narrowing of joint space, the blurring of joint space and cartilage defects. From the 32 patients studied, there were 7 patients of grade II with an US score 2, 19 patients with grade III and an ultrasound score 3 and the other 6 patients get the results of grade IV with an ultrasound score 4. Using statistical analysis, this study shows the correlation between OA grading scale using Kellgren and Lawrence with cartilage Ultrasonographic in knee OA patients (p <0.05) and also Ultrasound can reliably detect the severity of KOA.


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