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Salvage total laryngectomy: The influence of previous treatment on the survival rate

Milan Stankovic

University of Nis, Serbia

: J Otol Rhinol


Purposes: The purpose of this work is to compare the complications and survival rate after different treatment modalities of advanced laryngopharyngeal cancer. Methodology: The methodology involved a retrospective study included 619 advanced laryngopharyngeal carcinoma, treated with either primary total laryngectomy (PTL), or salvage (STL) after partial laryngectomy, radio- or chemoradiotherapy. Complications and survival rate were documented. Results: Five years disease free survival rate amounted 60.9% for PTL, 54.3% for STL after partial laryngectomy, 50.0% for STL after radiotherapy, and 43.8% for STL after chemoradiotherapy. Histologically positive neck was highly significantly associated with worse prognosis, much more than recurrence within larynx. Conclusions: PTL gives the best survival rate with low complications for advanced laryngopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Complications and survival rate of STL significantly depend on previous treatment of laryngopharyngeal cancer.



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