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Suture suspension neck lift: A versatile technique for longterm neck rejuvenation

George J. Bitar

Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, USA

: J Otol Rhinol


Aim: A very versatile, Reproducible and dependable technique to give both short and long-term improvement and rejuvenation of the neck is “Suture suspension neck lift” Suture Suspension Technique: The neck is liposuctioned if necessary with a spatulated cannula, midline curvilinear submental incision is made and the excess skin posterior to the ears is excised in an elliptical fashion. The two platysmal bands are imbricated at the midline with prolene sutures. At the level of the hyoid bone, at the midline, a prolene suture is placed in a mattress suture at the medial edge of the platysma, interlocked with another prolene suture at the midline, placed in a similar fashion but as a vertical suture. Bothe sutures are free floating laterally. The ends of both sutures are tied to the left and right mastoid facsia respectively, creating an artificial ligament that suspends the platysma and creates a well-defined neck line. The skin is re-draped over drains and sutured. Advantages: The suture suspension neck lift technique includes a post-auricular scar only, longevity, and ease of performance. Conclusions: Suture suspension neck lift is safe, effective, and useful technique for improved neck contour results for the short and long term. Recent Publications 1. Giampapa VC, Di Bernardo B. Neck Recontouring with Suture Suspension and Liposuction: An Alternative for the early rhytidectomy candidate. Aesthetic Re¬constructive Surgery 1995;19(3) :217- 223 2. Giampapa VC, Bitar GJ. Use of fibrin sealant in neck con¬touring. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2002; 2:5192525 3. Bitar G, Giampapa V, Algorithm for Neck Rejuvenation; Chapter 79; p 594-612; Simplified Facial Rejuvenation, 2007, Springer. 4. Bitar GJ. Liposuction or lift? An Algorithm for Neck Rejuvenation. Plast Surg Prod 2005;15(9):24- 28.


George J. Bitar, MD, FACS is an award-winning, the medical director, fellowship-trained, board certified plastic surgeon and has performed over 5,000 cosmetic facial and body procedures. Dr. Bitar obtained his medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, where he now serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor. He then finished a general surgery residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. His plastic surgery residency was completed at the University of Virginia Plastic Surgery Program, which provided him with a strong foundation in reconstructive surgery, for people injured in accidents or who have facial deformities or severe burns, and in hand surgery and microsurgery.


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