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Systematic health visits for high school students of the Gjakova Municipality, year 2018/2019

Adelina Shehu Kola

Health Social and Welfare Municipality- Kosovo

: J Clin Immunol Res


The Municipal Directorate for Health and Social Welfare, through the Gjakova Primary Health Care system, as a part of organized health care for children of the Gjakova region, have organized successfully systematic health visits for the high schools students . This activity is organized under the motto “Healthy youth is future of the country”. Work methodology. This activity is implemented by the 15 medical teams. Each team was composed by one Family Medicine doctor, 2 Family Medicine nurses, a Dentist and one Dentist nurse (technician). For completion of these systematic visits were engaged the 75 health care staff and were served about 10598 school children (age 15-17 years old). Purpose. To follow growth and psycho-physical development of school children in order to identify in early stage various deformities and anomalies and age specific diseases, and toundertake appropriate prophylactic and rehabilitation measures. Results. During these visits were identified children with obesity (21%), with cardiovascular diseases (12%), with lung diseases (32%), with impaired vision (24%), with chest deformities (21%), with abdominal pathology (1%), etc.


Adelina Shehu-Kola work as a Director of Health Social and Wellfare Municipality Gjakova she research in sistemic regulary examination at the age 15-18 years in all our local primary schools realized in 2019.

E-mail: [email protected]

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