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The features of ear conditions between students in rural and urban primary school in Makassar, Indonesia

Yarni Alimah and Magdalena Sidabutar

Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

: J Otol Rhinol


We conducted otological examination in primary school in Makassar were screened to find out the comparison of the ear conditions between students of the rural and urban school. Among the common ear condition that are diagnosed in 186 students of urban school, 58.60% presented normal results, were 75 students (40.32%) with wax impaction, 2 students (1.08%) with external ear infection. However, in rural school from 110 students evaluated, there were 74 students ( 67,27%) with wax impaction found, six students out of 110 (5.45%) with external ear infection, six (5.45%) students having middle ear infection (suppurative otitis media) and only 21.82% having normal ear. These conditions can have a negative effect on hearing and it is important to identify and manage them as soon as possible, because they are treatable. There are three condition, particularly wax impacting, external ear infection and suppurative otitis media, can be associated with symptoms that may not be significant enough to motivate patients to seek help or even be symptomless. However, otological examination if conducted by the school health medical officers or ENT community workers regularly in primary/secondary school especially in rural will be able to detect almost all the cases with hearing loss and middle ear disorders and could be preventing these conditions.


Yarni Alimah is an ORL Specialist. She is a Lecturer, working at satellite teaching hospital as a Specialist and doing many works in ENT community.

E-mail: [email protected]

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