The ways of life among healthy centenarians in Thailand

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The ways of life among healthy centenarians in Thailand

Wichitra Kusoom and Sununta Krongyuth

Bangkokthonburi University, Thailand
Ubol Ratchathani University, Thailand

: J Nurs Patient Care


Currently, the world’s population is aging. The ways of life among extreme aging are important for understanding and developing ways to support to older people to age well. This study aimed to explore the ways of life and Quality of Life (QOL) among centenarians in Thailand. The qualitative study with narrative approach was conducted. In-depth interview, observations and field notes were used. Participants were 13 centenarians age 100-105 years, who have healthy and physically independent. They were recruited from Northern Thailand, Northeastern Thailand, Central Thailand and Southern Thailand. Data were collected from October 2017 to April 2018. Narrative approach analysis involved coding consensus, co-occurrence and comparison. The mean age of participants was 101 years (range from 100-105), all of them are Buddhists. Educational levels were elementary to Bachelor’s degree. The QOL level is good, mental health level is good, no depressions, cognitive functions are normal. The major of themes emerging from data were physical health, mental health, culture and spiritual wellbeing, and family relations. These reasons suggest that physical health, mental health, culture, spiritual well-being and family relations influence to longevity and QOL among centenarians.


Wichitra Kusoom is an Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Bangkokthonburi University, Bangkok, Thailand. Her research interest includes health behaviors and health risk behaviors among vocational students, achievement of teaching by using case study method combined with concept mapping on ability development of nursing process among nursing students, the ways of life among healthy centenarians in Thailand and effectiveness of health promotion program of Tai Chi on improving balance and muscle strength in older people.


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