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Tuberculous otitis media and the importance of histopathologic diagnosis: a case report

Laurice Ann B Canta, Alfred E Dizon and Franco Louie LB Abes

East Avenue Medical Center, Philippines

: J Otol Rhinol


Tuberculous otitis media (TBOM) is a rare cause of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) with variable clinical presentation. Currently, its symptomatology is evolving into a spectrum of simple otitis media to tumor-like manifestation. It is one of the cases easily misdiagnosed or undertreated. This paper presents a case of a four year old male who had aggressive CSOMlike manifestations and distinctive intraoperative granulation tissue characteristic, initially deemed as a malignancy. It is one of the cases that needed surgical intervention and biopsy to arrive at the definitive diagnosis. The aim of this case report is to describe and emphasize that surgical intervention and histopathologic studies can be employed to immediately arrive at a definitive diagnosis. This case represents the more severe end of the spectrum and supports the recommendation that high index of suspicion, especially in children with refractory otitis media, early detection, and prompt initiation of treatment are the imperative steps in managing TBOM.



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