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Alexandre V. Latchininsky

Alexandre V. Latchininsky

Alexandre V. Latchininsky, PhD
University of Wyoming, USA



Dr. Alexandre V. Latchininsky is currently working as Research Scientist at the University of Wyoming USA. Dr. Alexandre received his Doctoral degree or PhD on Entomology from the University of Wyoming, Laramie WY USA. Dr. Alexandre completed his Masters Entomology from the St. Petersburg State University (Russia). He then worked at the University of Wyoming, served as Research Scientist and lecturer at the University in Department of Renewable Resources. Dr. Alexandre has authored several publications in various journals and books. His publications reflect his research interests in Biology, ecology and population dynamics of the acridids. Dr. Alexandre is awarded or honored. 2000 - Outstanding Scientist of the 21st Century Award by International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England 2000 - Finalist in the World Bank competition "Development Marketplace" of the projects aimed at alleviating poverty in developing countries 1999 - Who's Who of International Professionals 1998 - National Dean's Graduate Students List 1997, 1998 - C. P. and Evelyn S. Plummer Scholarship in Natural Resources Management, University of Wyoming ($3,000) 1996, 1997, 1998 - Professor W. E. Kuhn Scholarship, University of Wyoming ($3,700) 1995 - Germaine Cousin Memorial Fellowship, French Entomological Society ($1,000) 1991 - Winner of the All-Russian competition for a one-year research training in France supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Research Interest

Dr. Alexandre V. Latchininsky research intrests are:

  • Biology, ecology and population dynamics of the acridids
  • Diapause, migrations and other adaptations in insect life strategies
  • Integrated Pest Management methods of agricultural pest control
  • Remote Sensing and GIS in insect ecology
  • Environmental impact of pest management programs
  • Conservation of rare and endangered Orthoptera species
  • Phase variation in locusts
  • History of entomology


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