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Heart health in traditional medicine: Research shows that the heart has a far-reaching effect on our health and happiness

If, as an example, you specialise in, or visualize feelings of affection, peace and gratitude, your breathing and pulse hamper, and become synchronized and harmonious.

Meditation features a similar effect.

Feelings of affection even have a positive influence on the system, hormones and cognitive brain function

This talk will explain the research, symptoms of heart condition and necessary screening tests to assess risk factors. Then it’ll take you thru epigenetic restructuring and lots of practical, simple tools and techniques for heart health. It’ll also provide introductory information on heart based mindfulness practice, vagus parasympathetic support, micronutrients, herbal remedies and food choices for heart health.

The feelings and emotions of kindness, compassion, appreciation and love are often encoded into your heart, creating a coherent wave pattern between your heart and brain, amplifying the electromagnetic field generated by both organs, reaching out, and increasing from, the body, to encompass not only yourself, but everyone and everything around you.

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