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5 Non Invasive Methods of Rapid Early Detection of Cancer and Safe Effective Treatment of Hopelessly Advanced Cancer Patients

Cancer can be detected non-invasively and rapidly by the following 5 methods using organ representation area of the different parts of the face including eyebrows, all of the nose, upper & lower lips. The author found the visible and invisible appearance of cancer-related changes. Some of the visible changes are deep crease formation, protrusion, discoloration, change of the color of the hair and eyebrows to white color or disappearance of the hair. Using Mouth, Hand & Foot Writing Form completed by the patient which takes anywhere from 5~10minutes, we can make a diagnosis of cancer without having any information about the patient. Using rapidly changing QRScomplex of ECG, cancer can be identified rapidly and when QRScomplex is more than 1.2 mV we can often detect cancer parameters. 4) Normally when Thymus gland immune system is very weak, organ representation area of the back of each hand becomes less negative. When thymus functions are normal, Thymosin α1 and Thymosin β4 are usually anywhere between 5~50ng. Values lower than 1 ng indicates an immune deficiency. Using urine of less than 1cc, we can detect the presence or absence of cancer in less than 30sec. and identify the type of cancer it will take additional 5-10min for each different cancer. Since we often find multiple cancers, each additional cancer requires the same additional time duration.

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