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A Bioinformatics Study of SARS-CoV-2 Surface Glycoprotein in Indian Perspective

The 20th-century world is facing its biggest problem to combat with deadly SARS- CoV-2, a virus that has locked us down in a new world and 5,47,321 lives have already been sacrificed. The only possible way to cope with this virus is to design a suitable drug or a vaccine. India at present is also on the same platform with ~ 7, 46,500 positive cases and a death toll of 20,684. Since the viral spike protein is the outermost surface-exposed protein and responsible for viral entry into the host cell, it is important to characterize the spike protein for the development of any therapeutic response to infections from this virus. In this article we done the in-silico analysis of the Indian spike protein by studying phylogenetic relationship, nucleotide and amino acid characterization, codon usage bias, transition/transversion matrix, hydropathy index, parameters for protein characterization and epitope prediction in different aspects. Our further analysis shows some reasonable potential epitope regions which would be effective for vaccine designing and can elicit an immune response against the viral infection.

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