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A cross-sectional study investigating the prevalence and risk factors of foot ulceration in people with diabetes or leprosy in Nepal

Neuropathy secondary to diabetes or leprosy can lead to foot ulceration. This is associated with reduced health-related quality of life and socio-economic output and depression. Foot ulceration precedes 80% of diabetes-related amputations and tends to be higher in low socio-economic groups (Acker et al., 2014; Bisseriex et al., 2011). In south Asia, foot ulcers are expensive to treat, and out-of-pocket by the individual and family remains the main financial mechanisms for the management of foot ulceration in Nepal, commonly leading to catastrophic expenditure and selling of assets to fund medical treatment at all income levels. The quantitative study was underpinned by a prospective cross-sectional design with the post-positivism approach. A convenience sample of 182 patients (89 diabetic and 91 leprotic) with or without foot ulcers and 25 healthy controls without relevant pathologies were recruited over 4 months from six hospitals located in rural and urban locations of Nepal. Differences in the risk factors contributing to foot ulceration in diabetes and leprosy were observed.

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