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International Journal of Global Health is a prompt peer-reviewed, Open Access Journal focusing on publishing original articles on all the themes of Global Health studies emphasizing awareness in improving health and desiring equity in health across the Globe. Journal provides a platform for researchers in discussing and acquiring knowledge pertaining to epidemic, pandemic, endemic health issues, understanding various global diseases and their prevalence in the world.

International Journal of Global Health exhibits informative articles addressing new strategies on developing health care systems, public health education, research and practice towards attainable health standards of entire human race. 

All the articles submitted to International Journal of Global Health will undergo double blind peer review process through the Editorial Manager System. The Editorial Manager System helps in maintaining the quality of the peer review process and provides easy access to the authors to track the status of the manuscript, including evaluation and publication in an automated way. 

Global Health

Global health is a field of public health that focuses on studying, protecting or improving health within a community. It does not focus on a group of people with the same shared characteristics, like age or diagnosis, but on all people within a geographical location or involved in specific activity.

Health Disparities

Health disparities are intended to denote a specific kind of difference in providing the resources with basic needs in day to day life which causes higher burden of illness, mortality, and optimal health that experienced by socially human populations.

Health Economics

It is a branch of economics which connected with health related issues and helps in the analysis of health statistics which represents the growth in the economy and health in a specific development of population.

Health Education

Educating people about the health is called Health education. Health education is commonly needed to practice in society for the improvement of health strategies, to avoid the risk like infectious diseases, psychological problems etc. it also improves social awareness and plays an important role in increasing the social health factors.

Health psychology

Health psychology is related to the mental behavioural of an individual, it is a branch of biological human studies. It provides knowledge about the psychological health, psychology of individual influenced by social factors in the society. The motivational care and behavioural medicine are one of the best ways to make mental/ physical health and to improve the health with the psychological education in the society. It also mainly helps in achieving the goals soon which are set by the health care systems.

Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis is a situation where adverse conditions caused by various natural and abnormal sources which affecting the biological, medicinal and economic backgrounds. With the sudden change/if there is any disaster at a time period it collapses the entire health systems in the society and it takes time to rebuild.

Pollution studies

Pollution studies are the branch of biological studies which is related to the environmental education which helps to educate the people and creating awareness in the community for the sake of public health. To avoid the respiratory related health issues and to decrease the global warming the pollution studies are important in the current mechanical world. The toxicity in the air by the harmful gases released by the variant sources  arises the health problems in people effecting much and these studies support in develop the global health.


Poverty is the lack of good wealth and health i.e. nutritious food, where the delivering of basic needs like shelter, food, clinical care to develop the global health in a community or society. Poverty is the main problem facing in the middle and low income countries.

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care (PHC) is a service which is provided to the people in the adverse situations and who are out of reach to medical and clinical service, it is a very early arrangement to the public who are in the emergency. It is provided to the people who are with lack of nutrition and medical care.


Biostatistics is a branch of statistics in the field of biological science and research area with the analysis and data interpretation to the global health and health systems in the factorial formula and avoids the health related disparities in the human population Studies.

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