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A description of breast cancer treatment

Treatment for breast cancer is interdisciplinary. Most women with early-stage breast cancer are candidates for mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery combined with radiation. With these methods, there is no difference in the risk of local recurrence or the likelihood of survival. Axillary staging is done via sentinel node biopsy, and in women who test positive for sentinel nodes, axillary dissection is becoming less necessary. Molecular profiling to individualize treatment based on risk is now a clinical reality for patients with hormone receptor-positive malignancies. Adjuvant systemic therapy is used in the majority of women due to its shown benefit in terms of survival. A history, physical examination, and annual mammography make up follow-up surveillance. There is currently no proof that routine imaging improves outcomes after adjuvant systemic therapy in the absence of symptoms. New methods for early tumor identification are good, but they must first show that they are clinically useful in trials that are prospective.

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