Clinical Oncology: Case Reports

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Aim & Scope

Clinical Oncology Case Reports is a peer review international clinical and medical oncology and cancer research journal. The journal provides a platform for the exchange of scientific information related to transplantation as well as drugs among researchers, surgeons, practitioners of medicine and the public.

Clinical Oncology: Case Reports Journal is essential reading for all those with an active interest in the treatment of cancer. Its multidisciplinary approach keeps readers up to date with the developments in their own as well as related fields. The Journal focuses on all types of malignant disease and therapy such as pathology, diagnosis, therapy including radiotherapy, and systemic treatment.

Clinical Oncology: Case Reports Journal welcomes all cancer surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, gynaecologic oncologist, and paediatric oncologists. Each issue is carefully selected to provide a combination of high quality original research, informative case reports and state-of-the-art reviews. The Journal encompasses multi-dimensional research related to Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, Tumortherapy, Radiation oncology, surgical oncology, Neoplasms, Radiotherapy, Biomarkers, Carcinogenesis,  and all other issues related to Oncology.

The journal accepts original and high quality research and reviews on all aspects of oncology including carcinogenesis, metastasis, epidemiology, chemotherapy and viral oncology as case reports. All articles are peer reviewed and published under the guidance of our Editorial Board members.  

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