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A Double-Blind Clinical Trial for Dental Hypersensitivity Treatment using Dentifrice

A randomized double blind clinical trial performed for comparative efficacy among five different toothpastes for dental hypersensitivity. The trial was performed with 175 (one hundred seventy five) number of subjects in total divided into four groups of 35 each. The subjects were evaluated for instant relief (dab on study) after 60 sec of application and a long term relief from dental hypersensitivity after usage for 8 weeks. Test group 1 (Potassium nitrate, Alum, Herbal extract, essential oils) and test group 2 (Potassium nitrate, Hydroxyapatite, Alum, Herbal extract, essential oils) showed a statistically significant improvement in long term dental hypersensitivity relief and a better efficacy in instant relief when compared to commercially available toothpaste 3 and 4 (Control group 1 and 2). However, there were no significant results obtained against Control group 3.

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