Regenerative Endodontic: Saving Teeth with Stem Cells: The recent discovery that dental pulp is a source of dental stem cells and the encouraging results obtained in studies for their isolation, growth in culture and differentiation have opened the experimentation for the applications in regenerative medicine and dentistry. Regenerative therapy promises treatment options to repair teeth and re-grow lost teeth. In particular, these cells can be delivered surgically to promote de novo pulp regeneration, tooth reconstruction, treat peripheral nerve injury, and stimulate vasculogenesis. All these approaches exist in research fields and only pulp revascularization is clinically practicable.

Dental Health: Current Research (DHCR) is delighted to announce its forthcoming Special Issue on- Regenerative Endodontic: Saving Teeth with Stem Cells

The aim of this special issue is to provide a platform to discuss and present aspects and feasibility of the regenerative therapy.

Submitted original papers and reviews should contribute to the understanding, development and application of all key aspects of the following domains:

  • Where human dental stem cells are found
  • How many kinds of human dental stem cells are isolated and characterized
  • Their collection, isolation and preservation
  • How obtain a sufficient number of autogenously cells
  • The possibility to expand in vitro the isolated cells
  • The maintaining of their phenotype in vitro
  • The possibility to recover stem cells from other sources and stimulate the odontogenic differentiation
  • The existence of tooth stem cell banking
  • Scaffolds to guide and support tissue regeneration
  • Growth factors to induce stem cells to achieve specific differentiation
  • Growth factors safety, quantity and time of delivery
  • Vascularization and formation of dentin during the pulp regeneration

Special Issue entitled: "Regenerative Endodontic: Saving Teeth with Stem Cellshas been edited by:

Handling Editor: Dr. Francesco Piva (Executive Editor)

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