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A Low-Cost Photodiode Based Solar Radiation Measuring System

Accurate measurements of solar irradiance are necessary for the successful design and implementation of solar energydependent systems such as solar power systems. This study presents a design of a low cost photodiode based pyranometer using commercially off the shelf components for the measurement of solar irradiance in the visible spectral range (approx. 400 to 750 nm). The design aimed to fabricate and test a low-cost pyranometer with the following principal characteristics; high accuracy, ease of connection, immunity to noise, remote programming and operation, interior temperature regulation, cosine error minimization, and portable. The designed photodiode based pyrometer was calibrated in a standard laboratory. The calibration and test results of the low cost photodiodebased pyranometer have characteristics such as sensitivity, low cost and easily controllable. The characteristics of the designed pyrometer are similar to those of thermopile based pyranometer and, therefore, can be used in any application area where reliable measurement of solar irradiance is necessary.

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