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A National Survey on CO2 Transoral LASER Surgery amongst 57 UK Otolaryngologists

Objectives: To capture information on clinical practice using the CO2 LASER within the upper aerodigestive tract (UADT). Design: A 21 item structured questionnaire survey was sent to consultant-only ENT UK members over a 2-month period between March and May 2017 Main Outcome Measures: Variation in CO2 LASER practice with reference to subspecialty, clinical setting, LASER type, power settings, operating modes and tissue exposure modes. Results: 57 responses were received from consultants working in hospitals across the UK. The commonest indication for transoral LASER surgery (TOLS) was excision of cancer (57.1%) and the most common area of surgery performed was within the larynx (60.4%). See Figure 1 for variation in LASER operating modes. Over 95% of hospitals carry out LASER safety practices. Conclusion: A wide variation in the use of CO2 LASER exists amongst UK Otolaryngologists. The development of new guidelines may promote effective use and minimise avoidable trauma or complications.

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