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A Rare Case of Laryngeal Schwannoma

Introduction: Schwannoma within larynx is uncommon and arises from perineural schwann cells. These tumors are a potential threat to airway and usually cause a challenge to otorhinolaryngologists in diagnosis and management. A definite diagnosis can only be made histologically. Very few benign lesions due to location, size and site of origin need total or partial laryngectomy. Laryngeal Schwannoma is one of them. We present a case report of this rare laryngeal entity wherein diagnosis was tortuous and tormenting and various investigations gave conflicting information adding to the diagnostic dilemma.

Methods: A case report of laryngeal schwanomma in a young patient in a tertiary care rural hospital in September 2015 is discussed.

Result and discussion: The clinical course, quest of diagnosis, conflicting inputs given by various investigations, management are discussed.

Conclusions: Our case is unique as laryngeal schwanomma is a rare entity with diagnostic crisis. Decision making for management was also challenging due to benign nature and extent of lesion. In light of final histopathology report agreeing with USG guided report, we feel later should be considered as a reliable implement for diagnosis of this rare tumour.

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