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A Rare Impaction’s Site of a Common Ingested Foreign Body on Neck in an Adult

Ingestion of sharp foreign body such as fish bone is not uncommon among all ages. Fortunately, complications due to foreign body ingestion are rare; however, if present, these can cause significant morbidity to the patient. It fairly known that the fish bone can migrate within the neck causing variable symptoms and signs in clinical presentation. Migration of a foreign body from the oropharynx to the submandibular gland is extremely rare, with only one case reported in English literatures. In this short communication we are reporting what we considered as second case of migrating fish bone in an adult. The foreign body was not seen in plain radiological study done initially. The patient presented a week later with swelling of left submandibular region. Computed tomography scan showed features of sialoadenitis with fish bone seen within the submandibular gland. Patient was treated conservatively with IV antibiotics, and was discharged with follow up but unfortunately he lost his follow up. We conclude from this case that careful assessment of symptomatic patient with sharp foreign body ingestion is crucial to avoid more serious complications.

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