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A Review on Biomaterials and its Impact in Wound Healing

Wound is a rapid onset of injury and need to be delt with utmost care. Delay in wound healing is associated with several comorbidities and had led researcher to develop biomaterial for wound healing. Biomaterial are in use for wound healing therapies due to its versatile, highest degree of biocompatibility, antimicrobial, immune-modulatory, cell proliferative and angiogenic properties will create a microenvironment favorable for the healing process. Biomaterial has emerged into a major role player in various pharmaceutical and medical fields. The biopolymers such as cellulose, alginate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, chitosan was already been explored for its wound healing properties and available in market. This article discusses the current developments in the application of biomaterials for wound healing therapies, as well as their future course. This article aims to review the latest development in use of biomaterial in wound healing therapies.

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