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Editorial Board


Department of
Auburn University,

Bo Michniak-Kohn, PhD

Center for Dermal Research (CDR) & Laboratory for Drug Delivery (LDD)
Rutgers University, USA

Contact Bo Michniak-Kohn, PhD
Hirofumi Takeuchi, PhD

Dean of Graduate School
Chair of International Affairs
Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Contact Hirofumi Takeuchi, PhD
Michael S Roberts, PhD

Department of  Therapeutics & Pharmaceutical Science    
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
University of South Australia, Australia

Contact Michael S Roberts, PhD
Majella Lane, PhD

Director, UCL Skin Research Group
University of London, UK  

Contact Majella Lane, PhD
Sai Prachetan Balguri

ORISE Fellow at U.S. FDA 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver spring, MD 20993

Contact Sai Prachetan Balguri
Douglas F Boudinot, PhD

Dean, Graduate School
Department of Pharmaceutics
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Contact Douglas F Boudinot, PhD
Varun Khurana, PhD

Insys Therapeutics, Inc.,

Contact Varun Khurana, PhD
Yihua Bruce Yu, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutical sciences and Bioengineering
University of Maryland, USA

Contact Yihua Bruce Yu, PhD
Richard A Gemeinhart, PhD

Director of Graduate Education
College of Pharmacy
University of Illinois, USA

Contact Richard A Gemeinhart, PhD
Graham Buckton, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutics
UCL School of Pharmacy, UK

Contact Graham Buckton, PhD
Peter York, Ph D

University of Bradford, UK
Chairman and A Co-Founder
Crystec Pharma Ltd.

Contact Peter York, Ph D
Vinayagam Kannan, PhD

Senior Formulation Development Scientist
Par Sterile Products, LLC
Rochester, USA

Contact Vinayagam Kannan, PhD
Arik Dahan, PhD

Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Contact Arik Dahan, PhD
SM Moghimi, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutics & Analytical Chemistry
University of Copenhagen , Denmark

Contact SM Moghimi, PhD
Yilmaz Capan, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
Hacettepe University, Turkey

Contact Yilmaz Capan, PhD

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