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Kids are cope with Corona blue?

It has been a tough year for everyone. Coronavirus has changed all aspects of our lives. In addition to posing a high risk to physical health, COVID-19 has robustly affected global mental health.

Then what about our kids? Kids are suffering more than us. No social interactions, homeschooling, and all the restrictions!

They need to express and use all their “Qi (energy)”. What if they don’t?

Have you ever heard “Mom, my tummy is hurting, I can’t sleep, mom, can you lie down with me?, Your child has learning disabilities, Autism (Spectrum disorder) or ADHD? Attention disorder?”

Or has your child expressing his/her feelings more often or not?

Kids are more sensitive than us. Every child handles their feelings differently.

Acupuncture are Chinese herbs are quite popular for treatment of Autism, ADHD, Attention disorder and learning disabilities. Acupuncture can induce a calmer state of mind in your child that can be maintained indefinitely with consistent treatments. It is a much safter and very effective alternative.

Your child can be safely and effectively treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs by finding the root cause of the problem without using dangerous and addictive sedatives.

Believe it or not, Kids love acupuncture. They love their treatments. More spontaneous and fun! They respond very quickly than us.

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