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A Study of Identity Styles of Medical Science Student in Southeast of Iran: A Cross- Sectional Study

Introduction: Sustainable Identity plays a key role in self-esteem, self-appraisal, and assessment of others. This researched aimed to study the identity styles of students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2014.

Materials and Method: This is a descriptive-correlational study to evaluate identity styles of freshmen students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences. A sample of 413 freshmen was selected. Data were collected by Demographic Questionnaire and Berzonsky Identity Style Inventory. The data were analyzed by descriptivecorrelational methods, independent T-test, and ANOVA in SPSS 21.

Results: According to the results, midwifery and laboratory medicine students (Bachelor of Science) obtained the greatest (45.69 ±9.24) and lowest (34.91 ± 5.97) identity style scores, respectively. In normative identity style, the mean scores of Management and Medical students were 38.90 ± 4.69 (maximum) and lowest 30.08 ±5.42 (minimum), respectively.

Conclusion: Lack of commitment to positive goals, membership in anti-social groups, and lack of clear identity can facilitate the tendency of adolescents to social harms. Therefore, training is very essential to reduce these factors

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