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A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Kidney Transplantation and Donation among Family Members of Renal Patients in Selected Hospitals at Bijapur with a View to Develop an Information Booklet

A descriptive and correlative study was conducted in 2012 on assessing the knowledge, attitude and perception on kidney transplantation and donation at Bijapur district in Karnataka India.  60 family members of renal patient’s age group of 18-59 who  knows the Kannada language and willing to participate in the study. 25 structured knowledge questionnaires were used to assess the knowledge, attitude, and perception by a purposive and convenient sampling method, assuming family members of renal patient who visit to district hospital, Bijapur kidney foundation, Vatsalya hospital having adequate knowledge, attitude, and perception on kidney transplantation and donation. The Major Findings of the Study are the majority of the respondents 26(43.3%) were in the age group of 30-39 years, 36 (60%) were males, 32(53.33%) were unmarried, 20(33.33%) had completed up to high school education, 28(46.67%) have business, 17(28.33%) have earning Rupees 5001-8000 per month and also same percent 17(28.33%) have earning the Rupees 8001-12000 per month, majority of 36(60%) belongs to joint family, 22(36.67%) having previous knowledge about kidney transplantation and from TV and radio source, 25(41.67%) are live in the rural area, 21(35%) are the new cases. The majority of the respondents 48(80%) had the moderately adequate knowledge about the kidney transplantation & donation and 33(55%) of the respondents had the inadequate attitude about the kidney transplantation & donation.

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