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A Vascular Surgeon Should Know What Eritema AB IGNE IS: Case Report

Erythema Ab IGNE (EAI) has been characterized as asymptomaticlocalized area of reticulated erythema and hyperpigmentation due to chronic and prolonged exposure to heat at relative lower temperatures. Patients with EAI think that the disease is caused by circulatory disorder. Therefore, these patients are frequently referred to the vascular surgery polyclinic. The diagnosis of this disease can be made with a simple physical examination and anamnesis. The treatment is to get away from the exposure of the
agent. Although EAI is common and the treatment is very easy, the diagnosis can be challenging for vascular surgeons due to the lack of familiarity. So in this article, a 29-year-old male with EAI has been presented to remind the vascular surgeon of this disease in context of current literature information.

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