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About a Fatal Clinical Case of Chemsex

Background: Chemsex and slam represent a serious public health concern that has to be considered and requires the attention of both clinical and forensic toxicologists. We report a fatal clinical case involving 3-Methyl Methcathinone (3-MMC) and its derivative synthetic cathinone, 3-Chloro- Methcathinone (3-CMC) intoxication in a 30 year old male patient with existing mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of psychoactive substances diagnosis (section F11-19 according to ICD-10). The patient used synthetic cathinone, 24 times a day by intravenous route (slamming) during chemsex and commited suicide following visual and auditive hallucinations.

Methods: The patient's hair was analyzed for new psychoactive substances NPS using forensic methods, in a collaborative effort between clinical and forensic services.

Findings: A total of 1462.3 pg/mg of 3-MMC were detected in the patient's hair indicating chronic consummation. But no 3- CMC was found traces of cyamemazine, venlafaxine, fluoxetine, propranolol, tramadol, zopiclone and oxomemazine were also detected in the patient's hair sample.

Conclusion: The patient death was associated with the use of drugs, specifically the chronic use of 3-MMC. This case report highlights the importance of collaboration between clinical and forensic services for accurate diagnosis and patient care.

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