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Active Learning in the Online Classroom

Active Learning in the Online Classroom

The popularity of online classes has become more popular as a way to expand educational opportunities. Hospitality and tourism management programs in general require students to participate in internships so the flexibility of taking online courses is appealing. There has been evidence that there are certain strategies that are more effective in an online environment, just as there are those that are more effective in a face to face environment. Active learning is a tool that has been used in the face to face classroom and has been incorporated in the online learning environment. Active learning tactics have been defined as those that involve “students in doing things and (have the students) think about the things they are doing”. Students have to take an active role in the online environment where as in the face to face classroom they can “hide”. Inherently online learning requires the student to be a more active participant. The level of success in an online classroom can be improved upon if the instructor has a solid knowledge of how to facilitate active learning using current classroom tools.

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