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Acute and Chronic Kinematic Effect of a Resistance Tubing Training Device on Youth Baseball and Softball Swings

Objective: Baseball and softball athletes often use swing training implements in preparation for an at bat, or to develop strength/ power. The purpose of the present study is to examine the kinematic effects of a resistance tubing training device on youth baseball and softball swings both acutely, and after a 4-week intervention.

Methods: Twenty youth baseball and softball athletes participated. Ten completed the 4-week intervention and returned for follow up testing. Kinematic data were collected using an electromagnetic motion capture system on baseline swings. Participants then swung with the resistance tubing device, and then took it off, and subsequent swings were recorded. Participants completed a 4-week intervention using the swing trainer, and then reported back for follow-up testing. All collected swings were taken off a tee with the instructions to hit line drives up the middle of the cage. Data were analyzed for center of mass (COM) positioning over base of support (BOS), hand velocity, and hand path.

Results: Repeated measures analysis of variance revealed no significant changes in COM over BOS, hand velocity, or hand path between time points: baseline, acute, and follow-up.

Conclusion: The absence of significant kinematic changes means the resistance tubing swing training device could be used as a preparation tool for at-bats without the negative performance indicators reported in previous research on weighted implements.

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