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Advancement in Cancer Therapy through Modulation of Nano Bio Interface

The goal of NP-based platforms will be the targeted delivery of therapy to tumors with minimal side effects. Optimizing the interface between NPs and biological environment at various levels should be discussed for improving delivery of NPs to the target tumour area. Successful delivery of NPs into tumor depends on efficiency of crossing few boundaries effectively as discussed in the previous section: NPs needs to be functionalized for circulation through the blood vessels until it reaches tumor vasculature where NPs can make use of the leakiness of the vasculature to enter tumor tissue, once NPs enter the tumor tissue, their transport through the tumor matrix depends on their size and surface properties, and c) Once these NPs reaches single cells within the tumor matrix, their uptake depends on size, shape, and surface properties of NPs. In this presentation, will discuss a how we can optmize interface between nanotechnology and medicine using gold nanoparticle as a model system. Will also share the results of a recent study where optimaization at all three infefaces (monolayer, tissue, in vivo delivery) resulted in 12 to 15% injected NP dose within the tumor. Hence, we will unveil a road-map to clinical translation of GNPs through ovecoming barriers at many diffrent interfaces.

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