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An Empirical Study on Robot Test Automation Framework

Recently with the usage of robot framework there has been a convincing improvement in IT automation process, improving both quality and efficiency of products with the decreased association of Tester. Robot Framework is open and extensible. A groundbreaking and adaptable automation solution can be made by integrating Robot Framework with any other tool. It ensures easy extensibility and reusability through its ability to form high-level keywords from existing keywords. Further its abilities can be stretched out by libraries implemented with Python or Java. The framework incorporates a rich ecosystem around it, consisting of libraries and tools that are developed as separate projects, a command line interface and XML (Extensible Markup Language) output files simplify the integration into existing infrastructure. This paper describes the extensible characteristic set which makes Robot framework exceptionally qualified for automation of test cases in current development environment within short time frame. We further explain the usage of framework using a sample test suite with its log and reports, also exploring different available libraries and tools available.

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