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An Overview of Proteomics Techniques and its Application as a Tool in Biomarker and Drug Discovery

Introduction: Proteomics technology is extensively used to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms of various diseases. Emergent technologies in proteomics have been used in the biomarker and drug discovery process. Proper use of this technology can enable the understanding of mechanism of drug action; efficacy and toxicity, there by facilitating effective translation of the drug from bench to bedside.

Areas covered: The major techniques used in proteomics technology with an application in drug discovery process are discussed. An overview on different kinds of proteomic approaches and their application in various fields of biomarker discovery as well as drug development process has also been presented.

Conclusions: Proteomics technology serves as a promising approach by providing unbiased information about protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications and regulatory mechanisms. Owing to the complexity of the proteomes the technology needs to be complemented with other omics techniques which could revolutionize drug development process. Advanced instrumentation with improved sensitivity, selectivity coupled with efficient proteomics work flows can facilitate comprehensive characterization of various proteomes for potential drug targets

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