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An Radio Protective Agents: A New Millennium in the Era of Radio Therapeutics

Inspite of the many advances in medical specialty and medical
specialty within the field of drugs and medicine, malignancy remains
jointly of the foremost common causes for death of the individual
worldwide, of that head and neck carcinomas square measure sixth
most frequent sort of human cancer globally, and among that oral
epithelial cell malignant neoplastic disease is common kind. Morbidity
rate remains high and 5 years survival rate is moderately improved.
One amongst the foremost necessary therapeutic modalities for cancer
includes radiation therapy. Throughout radiation therapy, exposure of
the conventional tissue to those ionizing radiations ends up in cause
and death. Many modalities and clinical approaches are created to cut
back these early and late complications of the radiotherapies and one
of them is, by the means that of pharmacologic agents conjointly
referred to as radio protective agents. Several experimental and
clinical studies have given rise to new ideas of chemical and
molecular pharmacologic agents that would be effective in protection
and treatment of radiation harm to encompassing traditional tissues.
To cut back the many complications in irradiated patients, the clinical
implication of those radio protective agents have emerged as potential
medicine and with anti-tumor impact within the radiation therapy of
varied cancers as well as oral carcinomas. This presentation highlights
the importance of those radio protective agents with their mechanism
of action in radiation therapy

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