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Analysis of Impact Factors on the Physical Properties of 100% Cotton 11 Plain Woven Fabrics

The purpose of this article is to examine the physical characteristics of three different types of 100% cotton 1/1 plain woven fabrics. Fabrics like canvas, poplin, and voile are taken into consideration. These textiles have a 60-inch width in common. Tear strength, tensile strength, weight (g/m2 ), cover factor, shrinkage, air permeability, Martindale pilling resistance, and Ultra-Violet Transmission were all tested on the fabrics. The experiments were carried out using the ASTM & AATCC Standards test procedure, which is mentioned further down in this document. In comparison to poplin and voile, canvas cloth has superior weight and strength qualities. In comparison to the other two textiles, voile fabric had a higher value of shrinkage and Ultra-Violet Protection Factors (UPF). The air permeability of canvas fabrics is higher. The research is based on exercise, and the findings support textile specialists. Researchers will be able to pursue this field further because of our investigation.

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