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Analytical Study of Nanoplastic Encapsulation for Photo Voltaic Outdoor Lighting and the Protection of Offshore Wind Power Structures Nanotechnology

Plastic is a high-molecular-mass organic polymer made up of a variety of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic polymers. Plasticizers, flame retardants, antioxidants, acid scavengers, lubricants, pigments, antistatic agents, and slip compounds are some of the additives that can be used to make plastic from crude oil. Plastic has the inherent potential to be moulded or sculpted by applying extreme temperatures and pressure. Humans have discovered how to employ plastic for our socioeconomic progress throughout the last century. Today, plastic is used in a wide range of applications, including our daily activities. Plastics are known for being low-cost, tough, long-lasting, easy to manufacture, strong, electrically and thermally inert, and resistant to shock, mechanical vibration, and corrosion. Plastic has made a significant contribution to the world economy since it is very easy to make and export. Plastic is one of the most adaptable and commonly used materials in the world, revolutionising numerous industries by demonstrating that it is a good choice for packaging, food, textiles, building, and interior decorating. It is heartbreaking to see that half of the world is combating plastic pollution, which has a greater impact on natural habitat, aquatic animals, and human health. Plastic pollution has recently increased, posing a major threat to our environment that requires quick care or it would be too late for our mother earth. Microplastic has been found to cause cancer by promoting the creation of mutant cells, according to a paper issued by the World Health Organization.

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