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Journal of Nanomaterial and Molecular Nanotechnology aims to make your online publishing process as simple and straightforward as possible. To do this, our team is constantly designing tools and features to improve the user experience. When the number of research papers grows, so does the need for large scale analysis and collaboration. Journal Selector, a new function that tests similarity in academic contexts is now available. The author can see a list of the most related scientific journals published is simply entering the title and/or abstract into our Journal Selector. This approach aids writers in choosing the best journals for their articles by emphasising the publication date and citability. Words are interpreted as vectors in hyperspace in this form, which is known as representation learning. Representation aids in the differentiation of various ideas within papers and, as a result, aids in the identification of similarities between them. In order to better capture the semantic meanings of terms, we used an advanced machine learning model. By using scientific text representation, the algorithm is able to make more accurate predictions.

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