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Anticancer effect of garcinol in hepatocellular carcinoma via inhibiting α7nAChRJAK2 axis

Garcinol, a polyisoprenyl benzophenone isolated from fruiting bodies of Garcinia indica, and possessing antiinflammatory, antioxidant, acetyltransferase inhibitory and anticancer activities. our previously work has demonstrated α7nAChR drives the progression and recurrence of HCC through JAK2/STAT3 signalling, which has been linked with proliferation, survival, invasion and angiogenesis, and might be a novel target for anti-HCC therapy. Thus, novel agents that can suppress α7nAChR activation have potential for both prevention and treatment of HCC. Here we report, garcinol, could suppress α7-nAChR and downregulated JAK2/STAT3 axis in vitro and in vivo model of HCC.

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