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Antioxidant-Dependent Prevention of H2O2-Induced Premature Senescence in Human Endometrial Stem Cells

Human endometrium-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hMESC) undergo the premature senescence in response to sublethal H2O2 doses what may complicate their successful transplantation into recipients with age-related disorders accompanied by increased levels of oxidative stress. Therefore, basic research is needed to improve and develop new therapeutic strategies based on the stem cell prevention from premature senescence in oxidative stress conditions. The effects of antioxidants on hMESC remain as yet unexplored. The present study aimed to evaluate an ability of antioxidants, N-acetyl-Lcysteine (NAC) and diphenylene iodonium (DPI) to prevent H2O2-induced premature senescence of hMESC

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