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Application of Different Nanoparticles in Dentistry

Different nanoparticles (NPs) used in dentistry [1]. Nanoparticles can improve the quality of the products by adding functional groups to it and thus
nano products are widely used in the field of dentistry. HAp NPs can fit well into the enamel cavities originated by acidic erosion and are adsorbed robustly to
the enamel of the teeth. Thus, retarding auxiliary erosive demineralization. Iron oxide nanoparticles are used widely to eradicate biofilms on dental implants.
Zirconia oxide NPs have anti-biofilm activity against certain bacteria and therefore can be used as a polishing agent. Silica nanoparticles are used as dental
fillers. Insertion of implants results in allergic reaction but the adhesion of microbes on Titania (Titanium nanoparticles) has a strong effect on tooth healing
process and shows long term effect on implants.

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