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Assessing Colour Fastness Property of Batiks Dyed with Vat Dyes in Ghana

Assessing Colour Fastness Property of Batiks Dyed with Vat Dyes in Ghana

TThe batik Industry in Ghana has not lived to its full potential due to shortcomings that include the colour fastness of fabrics available on the market. Most batik producers are inconsistent with parameters used in the production of these batiks. To most, achieving the batik effect is enough since there are really no means of assessing whether they meet set quality standard.The objective of this study was to produce batiks using consistent production parameters and test the colour fastness of batiks produced.The research was based on qualitative and quantitative research approaches which used experimental and descriptive methods. Dyeing was conducted to produce batik samples. Colour fastness tests to washing, rubbing and light were conducted on dyed samples.The study revealed that- batiks dyed with vat dyes had good colour fastness. It could be concluded based on the findings that high quality batiks with good colour fastness can be produced if the parameters are set right. This will help improve the sub-standard batik works produced by batik producers in the region and Ghana as a whole.

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