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Attitude of Mothers towards Self Medication in Amassoma Community of Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Introduction: The practice of self-medication has long been in existence worldwide, and the situation continues to increase particularly in developing countries (Refuerzo, et al., 2005; Abasiubong, et al, 2012; Lawan, et al., 2013) especially in Sub Saharan Africa (Nsimba, 2007). Self-medication involves acquiring medicines without a prescription, resubmitting old prescriptions to purchase medicines, sharing medicines with relatives or members of one’s social circle (Loyola, et al., 2004; Kumar, et al., 2013). The irrational use of drugs is a cause of public, medical professional (Loyola, et al., 2004; Kumar, et al., 2013) and government concern especially in Nigeria where safe medication is a serious problem (Lawan, et al., 2013).

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