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Basic of Protective Textile and Its Properties and Application

A significant segment of the technical textile market is that of Protective Clothing (PC), which is receptive to new products and suppliers. Protective clothing can be divided into various groups, including, clothing against heat, flame, mechanical impacts, cold, chemical substances, radioactive contamination, and protective gloves against mechanical and thermal hazards. The focus of protective clothing is more on sophisticated needs, and in situations where the hazards or risks are present that have the potential to be life threatening, or pose considerable potential for injury or damage to the person working in hazardous situations. The Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) lightweight over boots provide more than twenty four protection against chemical warfare (CW) agents, and are fully antistatic, meeting EN 344 and DIN 4843 standards, and with three adjustable, all butyl, elastic loop closures. A common objective of the protective clothing industry is the creative and innovative application of available technology, and much of the technology involved is among the most sophisticated available, and the end uses being complex and of great value.

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