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Benefits of using Ozone Gas and Water

Most dental office now employs Dental Hygienists. We as trained professionals have the honour of helping people to become healthier. Patients in Canada and the USA see their dentist/dental hygienist more then they visit their family doctor.  This enable the Dental professional to give greater level of care to our patients.

As a Biological Dental Hygeinsits we are able to offer a greater level of care.  

Biological Dental Hygienists are now screening for oral cancers on a regular basis. We are able to check and monitor blood pressures & can have the patient follow up with their blood sugar with their primary care physician. Dental Hygienists are no longer seen as “teeth cleaners” We have adopted a Preventive Role. This involves more involvement with the patient, reviewing homecare techniques, looking at the how the role of inflammation affect the whole body, not just in the patients mouth. This does involve scraping/scaling/root planning, to remove hard and soft deposits but we also look at the bacterial cascade that is set up in the bodies of our patients when the DH.

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