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Benefits of using Ozone Gas & Water

Dentistry is considered one of the oldest medical professions. The field of Dentistry has been dated back to 5000 BC. It wasn’t until 1700’s that dentistry has become a more defined profession.Pierre Fauchard of France 1678 – 1761 is known today as the Father of Modern Dentisrty.

We have come a long way since the 1700. Traditional dental offices are based on the drill & fil concept. A patient comes in with a cavity, the decay needs to be removed and a different variety of filling material can be placed inside the tooth. The costs continue to rise [1].

The public is starting to ask for a gentler way of treatment, they are starting to seek out alternative treatment. Is there another way to treat decay & gum disease other than drill, fill and scrape?

They are searching for less painful, less traumatic types of treatments.

Most dental office now employs Dental Hygienists. We as trained professionals have the honour of helping people to become healthier. Patients in Canada and the USA see their dentist/dental hygienist more then they visit their family doctor. This enables the Dental professional to give greater level of care to our patients.

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